Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reed & Barton The Harvard Graduates' Magazine, Volume 16 1908

Another Reed & Barton advertisement. This one features the Roosevelt Cup and shows their mark for sterling from the same period.


IN competition with the leading Silversmiths of America, this design was selected by the President of the United States as the American Trophy for the Jamestown Fair Yacht Races. Cups were also donated by King Edward and Sir Thomas Lipton.

This was not a competition as to price, but one purely of design and skill, and the selection of the Reed & Barton trophy was a fitting recognition of the highest type of American Silversmithing.
The same qualities which won this competition for Reed & Barton, are winning every day for their other productions: Perfect Workmanship, Beautiful Designs, Intrinsic Values.
Reed & Barton productions rarely win in a competition of prices. They are not advertised or put forward as desirable, because cheap. They are not seen on everybody's table or sold in every kind of a shop.
Only the better jewelry stores sell them. Thus a wedding or Christmas gift of Reed & Barton silver is the more choice and desirable.
Reed & Barton Silver costs but a trifle more than other makes, but the satisfaction of knowing you have absolutely the very best silverware made in America, is well worth that trifle. ..
Ask your Jeweler to show you Reed & Barton Silver and judge for yourself. Note particularly the weight and excellence of finish in comparison with other makes. Write us for catalogue A-19.
Silver Works Established 1824 TAUNTON, MASS.
The Oldest Makers of Silverware of Repute In America
New York Stores
REED & BARTON CO. 320 Fifth Avenue and 4 Maiden Lane 

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  1. I have a Trophy tha my greatgrandfather, who won second prize in the September 19, 1908 N.B.Y.R.A. class C Boat Race. The boat was the Elmer and my grandfather was Jabez Wilkinson. The Trophy was made by Reed and Barton.