Friday, April 30, 2010

Covered Dish with Grapes 1907 from Peacock's

I have never heard of this maker or seller but I ran across this advertisement for a quadruple plate baking dish with a nine inch enameled dish, grape pattern, french grey polish from C.D. Peacock, State Street at Adams Chicago Illinois. It is from Pearson's Magazine 1907. Peacock's Chicago claims to have been established in 1937. What is unclear here though is if the dish comes from a different maker and is just sold by Peacocks or if it is their own creation. They claim to be importers, diamond merchants and gold and silversmiths.

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  1. Thank you for that information I not only found it very interesting but good information.
    I have the pitcher, was my grandparents its marked on the bottom with "Eagle, Wm Rogers, and Star" below it is stamped 417 . Along the bottom and on the bottom the silver is coming off and it appears to be copper or possibly brass? What's it really worth