Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking for Silver Information?

One of the best resources on the web is the Association of Small Collectors of Antique Silver.

This site is filled with articles on almost everything silver related.

They cover care, marks, history, submitted questions and pretty much everything else. I regularly turn to them when I am searching for information and some of their members run silver related sites that are institutions in their own right.

For example Giorgio B. in Venice Italy created a site to highlight his collection and it has blossomed into a massive resource that contains marks, a dictionary, pictures of his collection, and much more.

Even with all this information available for free I constantly come across pieces of silverplate sold as sterling, chrome and pewter sold as silver, and quadruple plate being "dipped" more times than "single" plate. On one of my favourite sources for silver this comes up with remarkable regularity. I suppose this should not be surprising. How can anyone know everything?


  1. I have a server or a three part food warmer it has a bottom bowl, a divider and a lid. It has rope trim on the rim of the bottom and the lid to match. The insignia on it has three shields and a bird looking to the left if you are looking at it. The mark in the first shield looks like a scripted F.K and the second shield has a scripted S. and the third shield has In. then the bird at the end that is all that is listed on the serving dish or whatever it is. It is a very nice piece.

  2. I have a Rodgers , smith Co.New haven Conn silver tray it has a mark on the outer lip or edge with Rk stamp but the letters intertwin like a cattle brand it has a pattern of a bird and flower like plants around the bird and around the wall of the tray its lined with little flowers instead of 4 sharp corners it got the octogon like shaped corners its length is14 1/4 and its width is 111/8 can any one help me with finding out its value or the name of this peice