Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reed & Barton Advertisement Scribner's Magazine 1909

Someone was searching the blog two days ago for "early Reed & Barton epns" Because of that I did some digging and came up with this advertisement from Reed & Barton from Scribner's Magazine in 1909.  Its not really "early" the company started in 1824, but it does show some nice pieces of holloware.

                                Make This a REED & BARTON Christmas
By selecting' all your gifts of Reed & Barton Silver from a Reed & Barton Jeweler. It will reflect your own good taste and be a pretty compliment to the recipients. For Reed & Barton Silver gives enduring satisfaction. It is substantial in weight, uncommon in design and faultless in workmanship.
Reed & Barton productions rarely win in a competition of prices. They are not advertised or put forward because cheapest. Nor are they sold in every kind of a shop. They are obtainable only in the better jewelry stores. Hence a gift of Reed & Barton Silver, either Sterling or hign grade plate, is the more choice and desirable. So make this a Reed & Barton Christmas

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