Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Advocate of peace, Volume 3 1871 - Reed & Barton

Some more digging trying to find earlier advertisements turned up this one from 1871. Reed & Barton would have been in direct competition with many of the small producers during this period, as it is before the formation of the International Silver Company. This advertisement also mentions various fairs, a common promotion method mentioned in Moskowitz's book.

At the American Institute Fairs, held in New York in 1867 and 1809, and at the Mechanics' Fair held in Boston in 1869, REED & BARTON received the highest prizes over all competitors for ware exhibited by them.
The following extract Is from the Judges' Official Report:— " The Judges are warranted in pronouncing this display of Ware to be of superior merit, unsurpassed in quality and style. The durability of REED & BARTON'S ware has been so long known to the Judges, that they feel it their duty to accord them the position of First among the Manufacturers of plated goods."

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