Monday, April 26, 2010

Guthrie Oklahoma slim pickins

This weekend I went with my partner to Guthrie Oklahoma. It was the original capital and the Victorian architecture is astounding. One of Guthrie's main draws are the number of antique stores there. Quite frankly I was underwhelmed. They were more like thrift stores than anything else. This was the only really interesting piece of holloware. It was in really bad condition and overpriced. I cannot remember the makers mark but I do remember that it was a double strike. Hall and Elton I think? What do you think it is? Judging from the style I would guess a coffeepot. In its day it must have been magnificent. There would have been feet of some kind on the bottom and turning it over revealed what was left of the weld where they had been ripped off.  Still, I had a good time wandering about and it was nice to get out of town for a few hours. 
One note to silver dealers, quit putting stickers, tape and whatnot on the silver. Can we say chemical reaction and plate loss?  One of the estate companies in town loves using masking tape on silver and I have see plate pulled off when it is removed. Ugh.

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