Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meriden Wares at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition.

Many manufactures made pieces specifically for the Centennial Exhibition of 1876. Silver plate manufactures were originally meant to display with the states where they existed. They contacted Henry Pettit Chief of the Bureau of Administration of the Centennial and demanded that they have their own space. Reed & Barton built a "Rosewood and French Plate Glass Case & Base" that was 27x8 feet and ten feet high. they spent $15,250 on exhibit expenses and displayed $24,500 in goods. (cited in Moskowitz, 2004). Reed and Barton's center piece was the "Progress Vase" a 3x4 foot piece of silver embossed with scenes from the 15th and 19th Century.

This picture is from the Meriden Britannia Company display. It is listed as glass serving dishes with figurines. I imagine that they too along with their competitors Tiffany and Gorham had the best of their best works on display.

You can view this picture and its details here.

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