Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another advertisment from 1847 Rogers Brothers Featuring the Charter Oak Pattern

This advertisement shows some of the more unusual serving pieces in the very popular Charter Oak pattern.  What is nice about an advertisement like this is that it shows both the pattern pieces and the general shape of pieces that would have been copied by the International Silver company into other patterns. Shown are serving ware such as an oyster fork, child's sets, orange spoons, cucumber server, berry spoon, cold meant fork, ice cream fork, and pickle fork. For standard serving flatware check this post.

"The "Charter Oak" pattern, illustrated above, has proved very popular since its introduction, last summer. The design, in which the acorn and oak leaf are employed effectively, is one of marked individuality and character. The finish is a combination of French Gray and bright, the ornamental part being gray and the tines, bowls and shields bright."

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