Friday, December 17, 2010

Water Pitcher- Pelton Bros. Silver Plate Co.

I picked up this water pitcher last weekend. An older gentleman I know that sells at the local flea market had pulled it out for me from a box of junk. He even had had his grandson polish it with a cloth to take off most of the tarnish. It was exquisite. At first I thought it was missing its ceramic insert, however, it has an ice shield that swings inward and this tells me that it never had one. The finial on top is easy enough to see in the picture, but around the edge are shields and papyrus with little birds inside the shields. The same design is repeated around the top. The spout has flowers on it and the motif is repeated in the handle.

The mark is terribly hard to read. However after enough staring I figured out it was "made" by the Pelton Bros. Silver Plate Co.

Pelton Bros. Silver Plate Co. was located in St. Louis Missouri and seems to have existed from 1872 to 1900. It was managed for a time by Philip S.Pelton.

Their flatware was marked:
Triple Plate 12
Sectional Plate XII
Standard Plate 4

Their hollowware was marked as a PB in a shield and as a circular cartouche.

I question that this being made by them. There is another set of marks on the bottom of the pitcher that has been over-struck and then plated. A barely visible CT can be seen and I am assuming that the underlying britannia metal was bought from one of the Connecticut manufacturers and then plated by the Pelton Bros. This was a pretty common practice in the Victorian era. In fact this practice was one of the contributing reasons that the International Silver Company formed because some firms found that by uniting they could save money on this trend in the industry. It also explains identical pieces having different manufacturing marks.


  1. how much is the coffee pot worth now?

  2. Pelton brothers did all of there own plating that was as nice a finish as you will ever see in silver plate.Reed & Barton and Sheffield in England also had nice silver plated finishes but Pelton brothers in my opinion was the nicest I have ever seen and they put pewter sleeves in some of there pitchers not ceramic that you never see.I did see one of there pitchers sell for $525 that had a pewter sleeve that was ornately engraved at a auction about 5 years ago.I was surprised it sold for that as the name is not on anyone's collectible radar but there was 3 people bidding on it.They really made some nice pieces that should only go up in value as there's nobody that put on a nicer silver plated finish.

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