Saturday, December 18, 2010

St. Louis Silver Syrup Pitcher

I finally purchased a syrup pitcher. This little beauty, I thought, was from the St. Louis Silver Co. in St. Louis Missouri. It has a nice floral design and an accompanying plate.

This piece is marked

ST. L. C.& S.W. Co. in a circle with St. Louis in the middle. At first I thought it was the St. Louis Silver Company. Turns out it was not. 

St. Louis Silver Co. 
St. Louis Silver Plate Company
St. Louis Missouri


First appeared in 1893

Was listed as the St. Louis Silver Plate Company in 1905
So they changed names somewhere in there.

Seems to have closed sometime around 1912-1913


They are famous for their wood and silver steins.
The patent for the steins is from 1904 by Clarence M. Perkins


     Seen as L.B. Silverware Co. in a circle.

     Also made a line called SALOSICO WARE

     Also used a clover leaf.

The marks did not "add up" in my mind.
The Initials of the mark even the known mark did not make any sense.  "L.B." , "St. L. C."
What does that C stand for? What does the B stand for?

S.W. could be silverware

There was a company I have very little information on it, called the  St. Louis Clock and Silverware Company

There is even less information about this company.

This is what I have dug up:

St. Louis Clock and Silverware Company
St. Louis Missouri

     Otto Pfeffer


    To at least 1904

     Wholesale dealer in clocks
     cut glass

     ST. L. C.& S.W. Co.

Other Notes:
    Participated in the St. Louis "Louisiana Purchase Exhibition" also known as the "St. Louis Worlds Fair" in 1904- They are listed in the catalog.

More Research dug up an old catalog from the St. Louis Clock and Silverware Company. This absolutely confirms that the pitcher is theirs. Right on the cover of their 1904 "Twelfth Annual Catalog" across the front is  "ST. L. C.& S.W. Co." "Wholesale Only" So now I can confirm that they produced this piece or at least sold it. So far as I know no other record of their silver production exist online so this is the first. That makes me excited. And if its not? Hell, I am still excited.

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  1. My name is Richard J. Mehan, Jr. I live in St. Louis, MO. I am an attorney. Otto Pfeffer was my grandma's Dad. If you have any information on this piece please let me know. My phone number is 636-256-9416.