Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Little Creamer The Middletown Plate Co.

Catalog number 733.

I like this little fellow. The curvy shape appeals to me. It would have been a part of an individual serving set. It was made by the Middletown Plate Co. and has their earlier mark. I think Middletown is an under collected name in silverplate. Meriden Britannia Co. is supposed to be such fine work, but Middletown is just as old and I think quite nice.  Lets look at some fun facts:

Middletown Plate Co. 
(Do not confuse with the Middletown Silver Plate Co.)

     Middletown Connecticut 

     1864-1899-merger with ISC-

     Edward Payne
     Henry Bullard


     1866 incorporated
     1899 Joined International Silver Co.

     Sold Wares to the Wm. Rogers co. that plated and sold the material with their own mark.
     This means identical pieces can be found with different stamps

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  1. I think you are right. I have a piece marked Middletown Plate Company pitcher decorated beautifully with a #186 marked hard white metal that has been in family for years.
    I would like to know value? has their original stamp on bottom