Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Server Wm. A. Rogers New York

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  1. I found something similar to this in very way except it says five on the bottom under the Quadruple WR New York, do you think it is authentic if so, could you tell me anything about it?

  2. Hello, how do? I wonder if there are any catalogs about silver online? I have a Quadruple New York Child's cup, number 114, and I can't find the design anywhere. I'm interested in the year, not the value -- it has the child's name engraved on it -- I wonder what happened to him and why it was floating around for me to pick up. At any rate, thank you for having this blog, organizing information is the toughest part of historical research. If I can learn anything about the cup, I will write about it in my blog.
    Thanking you, Brenda Reed

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