Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Cup

I picked up this little gem because I liked the handle and it was very inexpensive. It could do with a polish but I am afraid hat doing so will reveal that most of the plate is gone. I put it next to the old Frankoma coffee mug to give it some colour and scale. Plus its morning here and therefore is coffee time. 

The marks on the cup were hard to read, but it is from the Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. from Wallingford Connecticut.  Its catalog number is 404. Across the front it has so large elephant ear type plant. My mother could identify the plant right off but not knowing too much about tropical plants thats the description I will stick with. 

I am posting a lot right now both because I have a little time and I have a backlog in the collection to catch up with. 

To learn more about S.H. & Miller you should read this post

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