Friday, May 21, 2010

The Week in Review

    This week I have had off from work. Because of that, it appears that I have been off from writing. This past weekend was not a great silver hunting weekend anyway. We have been having a lot of storms so there are fewer sales to attend. Saturday I went to Purcell Oklahoma. This small downtown has about 6 antique shops, some of them quite pleasant some of them dubious. The problem is that Purcell is so close to where I live that I have been there dozens of times and the stock is not fresh or exciting to me. Still, compared to Guthrie which is supposed to be the best antiquing in Oklahoma Purcell is awesome.
   Monday I had to go to Oklahoma City for some business and went to a couple of shops that I had not visited before. One had never been open when I was in the city and it had a very nice selection of silver. What was strange was that in the two shops that I visited I saw three plateaus. They were not the grand plateaus of a manor house but small affairs that were perhaps a foot in diameter. They all ran about $ 150, two were in fair condition and one in good condition.  I did not pick them up but it struck me how sometimes I notice things in groups. I imagine it has something to do with selective attention. I should reread Kurt Koffka's principals on Gestalt theory.

     I did however find a couple of interesting things. One is a sterling spoon set marked Kitty. The second is a brides basket I picked up. I hope to give both the recent cake/brides/fruit baskets a good write up. The one I found on Monday was on a bottom shelf, covered in stuff in a booth that was having a 40% off sale. So I made out like a fat rat on this one.  It has some plate loss but it was still worth the pittance I paid.

     The only other thing of note this week was that a few select pieces of the collection went to be displayed for a drawing class at a local art center. They were borrowed for the purpose of creating still life scenes.

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