Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leaf Dish from Wilcox Silver Plate

I also picked up this leaf dish this weekend. There is a seller at the local flea that bought out another seller and the organizer of the flea. He bought so much stuff and so much of it has been in storage for sometimes over twenty years that in order to sell it he pulls out boxes and anything in them gets sold for a dollar.

I am guessing that they go through the boxes very quickly before they get sent to the flea but I don't think that I can describe the condition of most of the stuff. Some of it has had rain on and animals living amongst it for twenty years. So you have to do some digging. Usually there is nothing. The last things I bought off of him were a creamer/sugar (late 1930's) both for a dollar after bargaining and a ten pound box of silverplate flatware for seven dollars.

The chap who works the booth is an employee of the chap that owns the goods and I am a good customer of the chap that owns the goods antique stores and know his daughter. In fact before I knew him I was the first customer in his new antique store the day it opened one town over. Plus as it turns out I also know his sister. But back to the dollar booth. 

I dug around a bit and out pops this (which was crustier at the time) so I paid a dollar for it. It appears that someone had been using it as an ash receiver. I am not in particular love with the piece but it is marked as Wilcox Silver Plate and I have a soft spot for that maker.  It is Wilcox after the formation of the International Silver Co. I know that because it is also marked International Silver Co.

It should polish up nicely and perhaps I will use it for something outside the kitchen. It is a weird shape for table service and I have plenty of pieces for that. Today I was reading about pin receivers and shirt button receivers so it may go towards that purpose. I had not done much reading on "silver novelties" or dressing table silver until recently and a couple of weeks ago I passed up a hair receiver that I am sort of kicking myself for not picking up when I had the chance. But there is always another time.

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