Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mysterious Spoons

I picked up these spoons this weekend as well. I liked the shields and
the mark was one I did not recognize. I figured they were turn of the
century and the maker would be in one of my reference books at home.
Turns out I was wrong. The backstamp is a diamond followed by a dash
then Diamond Edge dash T.P.

In silver I have had learn to live with mystery. Perhaps at some time I
will find some information on this backstamp. But for now I have two
pretty mystery spoons.


  1. I think I found your spoons at Sterling Fashions and Facts. The name is Queen Helen/Alma/Helen by Diamond Edge - made by SHAPLEIGH HARDWARE, also by Lakeside.

    Here is the url. I tried to paste the photo - but it didn't work.


    God luck

  2. Hey that's it! Thanks so much that really helped. I also use and love that site. They have done a great job of listing in a very orderly way patterns manufactures and dates. Before I had a few pattern books I used them all the time. They come up all the time as one of the top search results when I am looking for things. I was on them not 15 minutes ago looking for an A.F. Towle & Sons pattern.

  3. I have a set of 6 spoons that have a shield on the handle with a torch on either side and hanging garland at the lower tip of the shield. They have the letter 'S' in a diamond. The mark is similar to the Schweitzer Silver Corp., mark but the info that I have found says they made sterling silver holloware. These spoons aren't marked sterling however. Any guesses or suggestions?