Monday, May 3, 2010

Victorian Silverplate Flatware: Roman Pattern

This weekend I stopped by a garage sale while looking for another
sale. I picked up a large bag of flatware at .50 cents a piece. I
got to hand pick the pieces out of a suitcase full of patterns and
walked away with a bag of Victorian silverware.

Below are two pieces in the Roman pattern. The fork is from this
weekend the butter knife from an earlier haul. This pattern is from 1865.
Pieces can be marked Rogers & Brothers, Anchor Rogers, Derby Silver Plate, 1847 Rogers
and Rogers Smith & Co.


  1. Do you still have any of this pattern? Would you be willing to sell it?

    --THEA :-)

  2. I'm sitting here scrolling thru your blog looking for this pattern. I'm sitting here with6 teaspoons and they are marked Meriden Brita Co A1