Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Star Rogers & Bros. New Century Pattern

This is another piece that I acquired this weekend. It is New Century
by star Rogers & Brothers. This pattern is from 1898. The flatware
from the turn of the century is awesome in its weight, plate and
craftsmanship. After World War One you can see and feel a real
difference in the way the objects are made. This does not make them
lesser objects, it simply makes them different. Styles of taste had
changed and I suspect cost of materials rose. This piece has classic
swirls and design. Though it does have more blank space than other
earlier patterns. I guess it is a harbinger of the new century that
was arriving.
The nice card is how I store flatware after it is identified. The
piece is placed in an airtight bag with a card with the pattern name,
year, maker, and sometimes who bought out that maker. The bag helps
prevent tarnish. The card helps to keep the flatware organized and
prevents having to look things up again and again. This card was made
by my partner. She has much better handwriting than mine.


  1. I have a set of 6 three pronged spoons that I am not sure of their use. Perhaps for fish such as poached salmon. They are this exact pattern with the star Rogers & Bro. A1. I am not sure what to do with them.

  2. Are the prongs the same length or is the center prong longer?

  3. I also have a 3-pronged spoon (spork?) in this pattern. I was told it is a relish server, though it is only 5 1/2" long. The prongs are the same length, but the center prong is wider at the base, resembling a Christmas tree in shape. Lynn in Fla.

  4. i have 4 small knife with a star in front of rogers & bro. and right under that it says waterbury,conn. are they worth any thing?