Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creamer marked E.P.C.

I try to clean out the collection every now and then. This means taking pieces out and selling them or giving them away to other collectors and he like. Every time I go through this process  this piece gets pulled out and examined. I never get rid of it. I like it too much. It has no maker, the plate is gone, I have better creamers, but I love the handle that looks like a bent Greek Ionic column. 

Its only mark is E.P.C. or Electro-Plate Copper. You can see the green copper tarnish in the picture that has formed on its side. Its heavy for its size and I am guessing that it was part of a low price hotel or restaurant ware set. I like it and will one day find a use for it. so for now it is safe, protected and cherished by a collector. 

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  1. Are you able to tell me if the mark SHM & Co.X is sterling or silverplate? Thank you!