Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homan Manufacturing Company Butter Dish

This little fellow is dented, has plate loss and the holder for he butter knife is pinched. I use it to hold pocket change. Old silver always wants to serve, it was born to serve and if you are creative you can find it a job. Plus, I really love the floral motif on this piece. 

I am also charmed by the fact that this butter dish was made by a small maker, the Homan Silverplate Co. from Cincinnati Ohio. The mark indicates that it was manufactured after 1896. 

Homan Manufacturing Company




     Asa F. Flagg -Retired 1854
     Henry Homan - Died 1865
     M.Miller- Joined as partner in 1854

     1865-Firm managed by Margaret Homan (Henry Homan's widow)
     and their sons:

     Frank Homan (Died 1880)
     Louis Homan
     Joseph T. Homan
     Margaret Homan retired in 1887


     Originally made britannia ware, german silver and pewter.

     1864 or thereabouts began silver plating operations
     Were known for their ecclesiastical wares.
     Made wares for river boats on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

     1896 firm changed names to Homan Silver Plate Co. 

     1904-1915 (somewhere in there) changed name to Homan Manufacturing Co. 

     Homan and Co.

     Flagg and Homan

     Homan Silver Plate Co. (often with snarled anchor in round cartouche)

     Homan and Company Cincinnati

     Outfit (with cross) on church goods

     Richfield Plate Co. (Low cost goods)


     Special Metal (with hammer and crucible with H in crucible)

     Homan Mfg. Co. (with snarled anchor in round cartouche)


  1. Thanks! I purchased a little teapot with the Richfield mark, and I am so happy to finally know a little history about it! It was very frustrating trying to find out anything until I found your site!

  2. I have a homan butter dish with# 5 on bottom. It has anchor semble also.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I hope you both enjoy your items.

  4. found a relish dish about 12 inches by 4 inches with "anchor" and "hammer/cup with H" surrounded by "Special Metal. Homan MFG 3822 Made in USA

    A little special find

  5. Hi i have a butter dish it is similar to the one here.. but has 155 on the bottom. italso has a floral pattern etched into the top. do you know where I could get the replacement glass dish that goes inside? Thank you this was very helpful in dating my piece.. bottom stamp anchor with Homan silverplate co. Quadruple plate ..

  6. I have a butter dish also which is used everyday. It has 547 on the bottom below trade mark. I'm wondering if it could be replated and where and who does that kind of work.

  7. I have exactly the same piece..mine is marked 49 . Could you please tell me the value?

  8. I have some kind of container that is about 6 inches tall, double handles, engraved on the upper portion with a lid that has flower as pull. On the bottom is engraved "Homan & Co." underneath that mark is "IX" Is anyone able to tell me what it is?

  9. I have a chalice in the aesthetic style marked Homan Silver plate Co. Quadruple plate. # 390. Great design of 2 moths, an owl and leaves/berries.

  10. I have a butter dish that has homan mfg company and a a jug with a hammer going through it, saying special metal. With the number 3822 also etched in. I think its solid siver but not sure of the value? Anybody know by any chance?

  11. Two handled chalice (?) Hammer cup h human msg company special metal quadruple plate 3650

  12. 2 peice. Marked 4020special metal quadruple plate value plze

  13. Mine say Homs mfg company <••))• ep-be 01167 Louisiana????

  14. Mine say Homs mfg company <••))• ep-be 01167 Louisiana????